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Increased Demand For Marquee Lights

March 3, 2022 Boston Massachusetts

Boston Love Letters has experienced an increase in the demand for its rental light-up letters. Since assuming the business from Doris Loves USA, Boston Love Letters has experienced a resurgent in the marquee letter business. The request for the light-up letters have been increasing over the last few months. Karl Roos the owner explains "People have a pent up need to celebrate the important events in the lives. The pandemic had put a lot of events on hold for the past 2 years. People are feeling safer and want to celebrate important events in their lives. The request for our marquee letters has been increasing each month we have been in business."

An increase in events, parents are celebrating their child's first birthday more often now, especially since their baby showers were cancelled due to the pandemic. Quinceañeras and Sweet 16 celebrations are more popular than ever before. The coming wedding season appears to be a busier season than usual. To keep up with the growing demand of their light-up letters, Boston Love Letters has increased the production of the American made handcrafted marquee letters. Roos says "We initially had an impressive inventory of light-up letters, numbers and character but we needed to increase our inventory due to the increased demand. For example we needed multiple "X's" to keep up with the demand for XV for quinceañeras. We are making more marquee letters to meet the demands of our customers."

Boston Love Letters provides custom Marquee Lights for rent. The light-up letters, characters and numbers are 4ft tall, 2ft wide and are battery operated so they are portable and easily set up in most locations. The marquee lights make every event special and unique! Ideal for: Weddings, Galas, Parties and Corporate Events. Proudly serving Boston, Greater Boston, South Shore, North Shore, Metro West, South Eastern Mass, Providence, Rhode Island New Hampshire and Greater New England.

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