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Wedding Packages

Marquee Lights for your Wedding

Create a signatory center piece or photographic background

Our Marquee Lights are 4 feet tall and approximately 2 feet wide.  They are easy to set-up and are light weight and portable. Being battery operated there is no need for messy wires or access to a plug.

Suggested Packages

"MR & MRS" - $600* available in WHITE 

"LOVE" - $425* available in WHITE or GOLD

"INITIALS" - $375* 2 letters with either "&" or "      " 

"FAMILY NAME" - includes small "THE"

            4 letters - $425*

            5 letters - $525*

            6 letters - $600*

            7 letters -  contact us for pricing

*Plus Sales Tax and Delivery Fee

Delivery is typically $75 - $200 depending on the distance and location for set-up.

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Contact us with any questions

Thank you for your question be will be getting back to you shortly

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